Well my mood has spiraled way day in just 8 hours. Completely down. HALT is an acronym commonly used in step programs. H-Hungry; A-Angry; L-Lonely; T-Tired. I have all of these feeling right now.

Hungry-I am hungry but am so nauseous I can’t eat.

Angry- I am angry- but this time at myself. So very angry. I usually get angry at others but I am just so angry with myself. I am angry for making so many bad decisions. My sponsor, who has the best advice, asked me if I can change the past. Very practical question and the answer is no. I am still angry

Lonely- Don’t get me wrong I have my kids which I love so dearly. I am lonely because of bad decisions.

Tired- I am physically tired and emotionally tired.

It is one of those times where I need to take one minute at a time.

I am so sad.